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Why You Must Promote RiekiBot?

Highest Commissions

Get 20% commissions for everyone you refer to us with your link. Most programs offer 5-10% commissions but here at RIEKIBOT you get 20% which is one of the highest percentages in the affiliate @ partners marketing industry!

Daily Income

Get paid every day! Your commission earnings are recurring as long as your network grows! It's easy to sell RIEKIBOT and it is also easy to grow your network with our bonus plan.

Global Brand

RIEKIBOT can be promoted worldwide. The demand for algorithmic trading software is growing by the second and we want to give you a piece of the pie! Let’s grow together!

When you promote and sell our forex robot, you are entitled to a commission of 20% of the package price. This commission will be paid directly into your wallet and can be withdrawn daily, providing you with an extra source of income. So not only can you earn a commission for every successful sale, but you can also enjoy the convenience of receiving your earnings on a daily basis.

For instance, if a partner generates sales of $1,000 on the left team and $2,000 on the right team, the pairing bonus will be calculated as 10% of the minimum sales figure of $1,000. Therefore, the pairing bonus earned by the partner will be $100.

This bonus is paid on a daily basis and directly to the partner’s wallet. They can withdraw the bonus at any time, giving them an opportunity to earn daily income through promoting and selling our forex robot.

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